Two day workshops.

These two days is an offering to guide you in exploring intuition .  An opportunity to examine the process of peeling off our filters acquired over many years of experience, enhanced belief systems and conditioned reactions to connect deeper to our animals, our children, and to our own bodies.  We will learn to watch, listen and observe information that we find locked within our bodies with the help of our animal friends.

I will guide you to understand how to work with a heightened awareness and how to work with these new perceptions from a place of solid and grounded curiosity.

You will leave feeling inspired and lighter as we hold ourselves in the real places that are full of life, mystery, and integrity.

Our intent with these workshops is to open up to the 6th sense that we as a human race are moving into. I’d like to break down the walls of distrust when it comes to any kind of “spirituality” with a different perspective on the this movement of the Guru, learning to look within and to nature rather than outside of ourselves for a happier and deeper experience as humans being.

6 week intensive.

One session a week, on the phone, Skype, or in person if we are in close proximity. The process of working through imbalance and dis-ease can be deep and murky. Weather it’s for you or your animals, we give you 6 weeks of full genuine support. Inspiring e-mails, open line to ask questions or reach out if things are looking a bit gloomy. It also includes exercises personally requested by YOUR innate to best hold space for you and your animals to help you THRIVE rather than simply survive. Often times this work rocks your life, sometimes gently, other times with a fierce punch. We will help you hold your feet on the ground while you navigate new waters. Join this experience if you’re ready to move out of old patterns and you are serious about honoring your self and your own highest potential…keep in mind our animals are usually directly influenced by where we are at in our own life.

To help yourself means to help them. I invite you into a world of insight and new perspective through the process and experience of transformation

Discovery Sessions.

Discovery sessions are custom sessions for you and your horse, dog, cat, goat, sheep cow or any other animal you are concerned about for health or behavioral issues. In these fascinating experiences, we combine my tools of Body Work, BodyTalk and inter-cellular communication. The depth of these sessions are profound where you can expect to gain a deep understanding of your animal as well as their relationship to you personally. What is your animal trying to tell you? Where in the body do lines of communication need to be re-established? These sessions are meant to dig deep through emotional and physical blockages and often bounce back and forth between you and your animal. Be prepared for epiphanies and insight.

Body Talk Demo’s.

These one day Demo’s offer an unique opportunity to anyone who is curious about consciousness based Medicine. Up to 5 people will experience a personal BodyTalk session while others observe and are asked to hold space. The beauty of this work is that if we are working on a part of a person or animal, and if there is anyone who also has a similar issue sitting in on the session, through the quantum field and law of resonance, they also receive a “healing”. Discussions enhance perspective and awareness and often times we are left in absolute Awe of witnessing miracles and validation of shifts , releases, and changes in the body. I can guarantee you will go home inspired by the potential and mysteries of Quantum medicine.

Retreat back to Nature

Historic High Farm retreat.

This 4 day getaway is a gift to yourself as you leave all chores, dishes, shopping, lists and anxieties behind. We will open the space up for you to nurture yourself in nature. Sleep deep in a cozy quiet lodge, cleanse your soul in the fresh creek and pond. Soothe your muscles in the wood fire Sauna or just hang suspended in a hammock in the gazebo.

Miles and miles of trail rides for you and your horse or befriend one of ours to guide you on a sweet adventure up to a lookout high up on Terrace mountain, or head to Okanagan lake for a swim!

Join in on teachings and wisdom from the horses as we walk through deepening our awareness and intuition through our imagination where there are no walls between our language and theirs. Learn to listen to what our animal teachers have to share.

Receive a BodyTalk session with one of the animals on the farm or you own horse..(if you have not experienced this yet, you’re in for a treat)

Food will be prepared and served with attention to personal requests.

Bring a guitar, your voice, drum, or just ears to enjoy songs by the camp fire (depending on fire restrictions)

Intuition Boot camp

A guided adventure into the mysteries of the subtle language of intuition. We will explore communication tools that we can apply to our lives to gain a deeper understanding of our gut feelings through the study of the Animal kingdom and Nature herself. Join us on field trips to various animal shelters, and rehabilitation centers where we will practice listening from the heart, by exercising our intuition muscles, we get more clarity as to what information is being exchanged. We learn to discern from what is our filters, and projections, and what is true information. Weather you would like to know what your own animals are expressing, or as a practice for your own life expressions, this adventure will help you fine tune, revive, and refine your intuition.

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