Sitting with Horses out in Nature is one of the most calming and incredible experiences. Studies have proven that just by being in the presence of horses, blood pressure is lowered, awareness expands, and you are naturally brought back into your body.

This class is an invitation to spend 2 hrs to just sit, breathe, and explore the emotions, sensations, and epiphanies induced by these magnificent creatures.

Here is what the class looks like…(this is just a rough outline)

20 min to get comfortable whether it’s out in the field or in circle depending on the organic flow of the day….Before we start, I will go over some safety suggestions, as well as a brief intro of this work, and I will answer any questions you may have.

20 min of a guided journey , or silent breathing….sometimes we may have crystal bowls or just music to support the movement of our innate intelligence. Horses will be free to move in and out of our space as they read each person and give what is needed.

20 min of silence to allow the horses to “work” with you.  I will be observing and will be available at the end to translate their own medicine to you each horse has their own area of expertise in unraveling locked stories and energies in our body. (This can take quite a bit of time, as it usually turns into a shared discussion)

1/2 hour of silent writing or just sitting (bring a journal or paints or sketch pad if you wish…highly recommended)

15 min of debrief of your experience…an opportunity to share insights or not…It’s an important time of validating ourselves and the experience..

15 min of photos and actual hands on of the horses if they wish to be touched..

This is experiential, and most times difficult to put into words this kind of journey. All I can say is to just come try it, and see for your wonderful selves!

Classes are 25 $ and are held twice a week in Aldergrove, days vary. To register, and for details on dates and time, please email or phone
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