Half-day adventures where we exercise our intuition, as guided by the horses. We explore tools that will help strengthen your communication with your own horses and other pets, as well as refine your personal practice of developing a deeper more intimate relationship with your “gut feelings”, your imagination, and your intuition. These field trips take us to the horses where they will be our guides into depths within ourselves we have only dreamed of.

“I’m really grateful being able to spend this day with you and your horses.
It’s teaching me that you don’t have to TOUCH, to feel.
It has helped to remind me that the energy is real and that
the power of that magical energy really, really works.” – Marie G.

We practice listening from the heart, by exercising our intuition muscles, we get more clarity as to what information is being exchanged. We learn to discern what are our filters, and projections, and what is true information. Whether you would like to know what your own animals are expressing, or as a practice for your own life expressions, these equine-assisted adventures will help you fine-tune, revive, and refine your intuition.

There is a tangible difference when in the presence of a wilder herd of horses. They innately bring out that part of us that has been dormant for many many hundreds of years. That part of us that is yearning to go back to the WILD.

I invite you to come FEEL the wisdom for yourselves. Take a day, and come listen to what they have to say.


An invitation to spend 6 hrs to just sit, breathe, and explore the emotions, sensations, and epiphanies induced by the horses. We will spend the time strengthening the intuition and tapping into places within where our brilliance sleeps.

Here is what the afternoon looks like… this is just a rough outline and we are always open to pleasant changes and surprises 🙂

“My favorite part of the day was doing the meditation and then journalling about the messages that came from the horses, through me and through the other participants. It has been incredible and it is nice to have this amazing opportunity to connect to Mother Earth and to this miraculous wild herd. I’ve been called to do this work for a while and I’m extremely blessed and grateful for this opportunity to connect not only to the horses, but to myself.” – AnneMarie M.

30 minutes – to get comfortable whether it’s out in the field or in circle depending on the organic flow of the day. Before we start, I will go over some safety suggestions, as well as a brief intro of this work, and I will answer any questions you may have.

30 minutes – I will cover the basic 5 ways in which we and the animal kingdom send and receive information.

I will cover what aspects of our humanness get in the way of pure and clear communication both from our own “higher” selves, as well as the Animal Kingdom.

30 minutes – of a guided journey where we unlock the front and back energy centers in our body while observing the horses. This leads to a more clear communication between your innate wisdom, the horses, and the imagination, and sets up the mind for a brilliant flow of creative juices for the writing exercise.

60 minutes – a solo exercise of sitting with a chosen horse (or horses) and allowing for the free writing of your own Wilderness to come through and express through the wisdom of the land and horses. I will guide you with inspiring questions to ask the herd and then you will set your mind, heart and pens free on paper.

“It was a beautiful day to make some new connections in my heart with the horses. My biggest focus was to learn how to be centered in my body and to make it a priority today to be centered; feeling the body-felt sensations and SEEING. And that helps silence the thought process of, ‘I have to do this right, trying to do it perfect’ and just letting that creativity, that imagination flow. It’s something I’d really like to explore MORE for sure.” – Tracy H.

Note: This is not a touchy-feely experience with horses. This is a WILD herd who do not allow humans to come near them. But. You will be amazed at how directly and intimately they will communicate with you and join you in your heart space and in your guided visualization. You will however have the opportunity to touch and take photos of other horses on the property if they choose to come to you outside of the fence line.

60 minutes for lunch. ( I will bring refreshing drinks, but bring your own in case you don’t like what I bring!)

30 minutes – exercises in building confidence through observation as a group. This is quite powerful, as it begins to really show you just HOW intuitive we are without even knowing it.

Cheakamus River

60 minutes – Possible River walk with a horse depending on the flow of the day. Individual practice in putting the animal communication tools into action by the powerful rush of the Cheakamus river.

This is experiential, and most times it’s difficult to put into words this kind of journey. All I can say is, just come and try it, and see for your wonderful self!

  • You will leave feeling more confident in knowing the difference between our projected information, and the TRUE information coming in via the animals and your own wisdom
  • You will be able to access the tools gained from this workshop at ANY time to help you sharpen your own skills at becoming a deeper listener whether you intend to deepen your relationship with your children, or your pets, this is the start of something extraordinary.
  • This all takes time, practice, and a strong community of support to share the tiny miracles with. To have another witness in this extraordinary work is what makes it real and SO much FUN!

“I felt I was traveling through wavelengths to just kind of, understand these horses a bit, and myself a little more. It was nice to know – something I couldn’t figure out – and have everyone else validate that and say the same thing I was seeing, but different pieces of the puzzle to what I was thinking. It felt a little magical.” – Zoe O.


– Weather appropriate layers. The weather can change quite quickly in the mountains.
– Umbrella if it looks like rain.- Something to sit on; such as a cushion or yoga mat you don’t mind getting earthy. If you are more comfortable on a chair, please bring a light beach chair. We will be walking from place to place.
– Notebook/journal and something to write with.
– Something to drink.

I will provide snacks but please bring a lunch that is easy to eat outdoors without the need to warm it up!! We don’t have a kitchen.

Bathrooms – There are well maintained porta potties 🙂 and lovely trees that need watering😉.


$175.00  – Cost of workshop includes snacks and something refreshing to drink.

$150.00  -Early bird price ends July 13th.

*20% of the workshop fee is donated to the horses at Second Chance Cheekye Ranch


There are a number of motels, campgrounds and a Hostel in Squamish BC. Along with true Canadian wilderness; bears, wolves, ravens, bald eagles and many other wild species. Hiking, kayaking, fishing, swimming – you can do it all in this natural playground 1.5 hours drive from Vancouver.

If you wish to make this workshop part of a longer stay, additional Private Sessions can be arranged to further your learning and immersion into communicating with this glorious natural world. Contact me directly for more information or to discuss options 🙂


Güliz Ünlü is a Certified BodyTalk Practioner, certified Animal Communicator (she prefers the term, Inter-Cellular Communication) with additional qualifications in Equi-Bow and Fascial Kinesiology.

Güliz (gew-liz) has been with horses since childhood, trained hunter/jumpers, and stunt horses for the film industry.

She has facilitated workshops with wild animals in rescue organizations around Asia – elephants, orangutans, tigers, bears, lions, etc. Click here for a full bio or to visit her site.

Note: The horses at Cheekye are mostly all up for adoption. Often times we don’t work with the same group twice. The beauty of holding these at the Rescue Ranch is that we can communicate with them and give them back their voice before they get adopted. The adoption process can be quite stressful for them so for us to come here for them to speak their own truths and be heard is such an extraordinary gift from us to them.