There is on-going Equuarius and Linking Awareness retreats around the globe. Below are listed in order of the dates that they are held with details and registration forms. Thank you for coming on this journey with us.


Linking Awareness Journey

Heron Bay Stables, Delta BC 
March 27th, 28th, 29th


Linking Awareness Journey.



Beyond Animal Communication On-Line Course.


Same class. Two dates. Two time zones. Every Sunday and Wednesday. For 6 weeks.

                           February 2nd 2020 - March 15th 2020 (10am PST)
                           February 5th 2020 - March 18th 2020 (3pm PST)



A 6-week journey into the deep and precious art of Listening.

We will begin a whole other level of understanding the Animal Kingdom and how Nature is made to be our Ultimate teacher.

Imagine a life where you experience each moment on this Earth Walk through a steady, clear and present lens.

Imagine the ability to connect to your nervous system and encourage it to quiet down into a stillness that allows for deep rest, deep insight, and a broader and expanded perspective of this life.

Imagine being able to hear the wisdom of your Heart Brain. How much richer would your life be if you allowed it to lead you?

Imagine communing with true emotional intelligence. What wisdom would you understand/hear from Nature and the Animals if your emotions did not rule you?

Imagine being able to quiet your mind enough to be able to hear the wisdom of Nature and the entirety of the Animal King/Queendom. What would your relationships with the animals in your life
look like if you trusted yourself impeccably?

What if they knew they could trust you impeccably?

This is an Animal Communication course however, due to the nature of what it takes to be a true listener, this is the ultimate journey into uncharted territory with exercises and practices that take you on a colorful and epiphany filled adventure. One of empowerment and inspiration.

Some of the areas we will be exploring include

  • Connecting with pets, both past and present, and looking at the bigger picture: their purpose and role in your life.
  • Doubt. Practices to move you through this quagmire.
  • Study emotions and the root of belief systems. How they shape your life.
  • What are filters and projections?
  • How to clear our own filters as to not project our belief systems and conditioning onto the animals.
  • Discernment: learning to tell the difference between the voice in your head and the Animal’s voice.
  • Understanding “Monkey Mind”. we will practice slowing down, finding wholeness in our presence, and beginning to master the art of listening.
  • Imagination: through practice, we will learn why our imagination is freedom and how to trust it fully.
  • Emotional Intelligence: what it has to do with animal communication.
  • Animal symbolism: exploring both in dream time and waking time.
  • Nature/Animal Medicine cards: creating your own.


Participating in this class gave me more than I could have imagined – and that is part of its beauty. It helps us expand our creative imagination!!! It enhanced my ability to receive communication through each of my senses; gave me a safe space to explore what might be standing in the way of communicating; introduced me to a new group of women who are open hearted and beautiful inside and out; and supported me to go beyond my fears with loving encouragement.” ~ Sabrina

“Words feel inadequate to express the value of experiencing this class. Quite simply, I feel the world completely differently through all of my senses. I hear myself and everything in my surroundings in a fashion I never have or ever possibly could have imagined.” ~Christina

“For me the course shows me to challenge my autopilot thinking, it deepens my trust and faith in me, in my surroundings. It gives me peace and reassures me that there are no mistakes, and that we are alchemists and masters of our own lives.” ~ Shawn.


This course is a virtual experience where we will walk together, practice together, and share our learning in a safe and open space that I have created with the help of the Animal King/Queendom.


At the beginning of each week/session, you will be given practices, meditations and assignments.

( The meditations will be pre-recorded as will some of the practices)

At the start of the course we will meet for introductions and then again we will meet  at the end of each week. The platform we use is Zoom. We will be meting in real time video live for 2 hours . (an easy to use video meeting platform.) One of the most powerful learning tools we have is each other through our debriefs together as a group.

( if you are in a different time zone making it difficult for you to get on-line at the same time, or you miss a session, these will be recorded and given upon request)

I  will work with each one of you one-on-one in real time via video live Zoom after each class so that you can begin to embody the teachings. Questions and doubts will arise, and we will walk through them together.

In this 6-week intensive program, you and I and the whole of the Animal world will gracefully and beautifully delve into discovery,

My intention for you is:

  • for you to walk out with new tools and confidence in your ability to connect and communicate with ALL animals and Nature
  • to help you re-ignite the pathways of communication within your own body, leading you to a more healthy and wholesome version of your Self.
  • to inspire and empower you to trust yourself at a deeper level to follow your own guidance.

” I am only your Guide, Nature and her animals are the Masters.”


* None of this course would be possible without my own mentors and teachers. There is nothing in this
course that is mine and mine alone. The experiences I am sharing are ones that I have learned from those
that have come before me.

The extraordinary brilliant humans; the Horses, Dogs, Cats, wild and domestic; the Elephants, Orangutans, Whales, Sea Turtles, Condors and Alligators; and ALL the other Masters of Communication that I have been honored to have crossed paths with on this Earth Walk. I am forever
Grateful. I bow to them all deeply in appreciation and wonder. ~ G

I offer a 20% discount for those of you who have already worked with me one on one or have attended any of my workshops.


Beyond Animal Communication

Re-Wilding The Heart – Equine-Guided Intuition Development Creativity

( Cheekye Ranch Squamish BC)

These lovely workshops will resume in the spring of 2020!!

Price: $175.00

This is a 6-hour workshop that is called Re-Wilding the Heart,
There are too many horses at the rescue who are in special need of being seen, and heard. Come listen, and write about it!!!

I invite you to come FEEL the wisdom for yourselves. Take a day off, and come listen to what they have to say.

Here is an outline of the workshop

This class is an invitation to spend the day to just sit, breathe, and explore the emotions, sensations, and epiphanies induced by the horses. We will spend the time strengthening the intuition and tapping into places within where our brilliance sleeps.
(this is just a rough outline and we are always open to pleasant changes and surprises)

This includes an hour lunch break

30 min- to get comfortable whether it’s out in the field or in circle depending on the organic flow of the day….Before we start, I will go over some safety suggestions, as well as a brief intro of this work, and I will answer any questions you may have.

30 minutes – I will cover the basic 5 ways in which we and the animal kingdom send and receive information

I will cover what aspects of our humanness gets in the way of pure and clear communication both from our own “higher ” selves, as well as the Animal Kingdom.

30 minutes of a guided journey where we unlock the front and back energy centers in our body while observing the horses. (this leads to a more clear communication between your innate wisdom, the horses, and the imagination and sets up the mind for a brilliant flow of creative juices for the writing exercise.

60 min – minutes of a solo journey of sitting with a chosen horse (or horses) or Donkeys and allowing for the free writing of your own Wilderness to come through and express through the wisdom of the land and horses.
I will guide you with inspiring questions to ask the herd and then you will set your mind, heart and pens free on paper.

60 min for lunch( Bring your own lunch. I will provide yummy snacks and beverages.

30 minutes – exercises in building confidence through observation as a group. This is quite powerful, as it begins to really show you just HOW intuitive we are without even knowing it.

60 minutes- Guided writing journey with the horses.

This is experiential, and most times difficult to put into words this kind of journey. All I can say is to just come try it, and see for your wonderful self!

You will leave feeling more confident in knowing the difference between our projected information, and the TRUE information coming in via the animals and your own wisdom.
You will be able to access the tools gained from this workshop at ANY time to help you sharpen your own skills at becoming a deeper listener whether you intend to deepen your relationship with your children, or your pets, this is the start of something extraordinary.
This all takes time, practice, and a strong community of support to share the tiny miracles with. To have another witness in this extraordinary work is what makes it real and SO much FUN!

– Weather appropriate layers. The weather can change quite quickly in the mountains.

– Umbrella if it looks like rain.

– Something to sit on such a cushion you don’t mind getting earthy.( if you are more comfortable on a chair, please bring a light beach chair. We will be walking from place to place.

– Something to drink.
I will provide snacks

Note book/journal and something to write with.

20% of proceeds go to the horses at the Squamish horse Rescue, Second Chance Cheekye Ranch.

(Weather depending. If we have light rain, we will continue with the workshop, if it is pouring, we will re-schedule)

Hugs and Love to you,
~ Güliz
(When you make payment, it will automatically register you.
You will receive an e-mail back from me confirming your spot.)

If you do NOT get an e-mail, please check your junk mail folder.

Tel: 604-657-0293

We practice listening from the heart, by exercising our intuition muscles, we get more clarity as to what information is being exchanged. We learn to discern what are our filters, and projections, and what is true information. Whether you would like to know what your own animals are expressing, or as a practice for your own life expressions, these equine-assisted adventures will help you fine-tune, revive, and refine your intuition. CLICK HERE  for video and details!









Re-wilding Registration