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There is on-going Equuarius and Linking Awareness retreats around the globe. Below are listed in order of the dates that they are held with details and registration forms. Thank you for coming on this journey with us.


Linking Awareness Animal Communication course with the horses.

February 9th, 10th, 11th 2019, Delta, B.C.



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Linking Awareness Course


 Linking Awareness Animal Communication Course with the Manta Rays.

March 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 2019 Nusa Penida Island, Bali, Indonesia


You will receive registration forms upon payment. Thank you, and I look forward to this amazing trip with you.

For any further questions, please contact my coordinator Natasha @


Re-Wilding The Heart – Equine-Guided Intuition Development Creativity

( 1 day retreat )


  One day adventures where we exercise our intuition, as guided by the horses. We explore tools that will help strengthen your communication with your own horses and other pets, as well as refine your personal practice of developing a deeper more intimate relationship with your “gut feelings”, your imagination, and your intuition. These field trips take us to the horses where they will be our guides into depths within ourselves we have only dreamed of.

“I’m really grateful being able to spend this day with you and your horses.
It’s teaching me that you don’t have to TOUCH, to feel.
It has helped to remind me that the energy is real and that
the power of that magical energy really, really works.” – Marie G.

We practice listening from the heart, by exercising our intuition muscles, we get more clarity as to what information is being exchanged. We learn to discern what are our filters, and projections, and what is true information. Whether you would like to know what your own animals are expressing, or as a practice for your own life expressions, these equine-assisted adventures will help you fine-tune, revive, and refine your intuition. CLICK HERE VIDEO and details!


Linking Awareness Animal Communication with the Alpacas

May 18th, 19th, 20th Kansas City, MO



Linking Awareness Course.



Walk the Healing Journey with Your Pet – Intuition Development/ Animal Communication one month practicum.


Is your dog, cat, horse, or other pet chronically ill? Or dealing with a serious health challenge?

Do you wish you could tune into your animal baby, your companion, your best friend to understand – to FEEL what they need, what’s wrong, and what you can do to help?

Imagine being able to connect with your pet’s own body wisdom regarding medicines, supplements and food choices, to discern what their body is asking for – and how much, and for how long… well YES you can.

This is a month-long workshop, with one 90-minute session per week (4 sessions), where I will teach you HOW to develop and strengthen your own intuition and ability to connect deeply with your beloved pet. You will be amazed as you witness the growing intuitive abilities of everyone in the group. This group workshop is kept to a maximum of 5 participants so I can work with each of you, and we can also support each other. Here’s what we’ll cover in each week’s session:

SESSION 1: You will learn how we give and receive information through our five senses. I will lead you through exercises to practice our imagination and work with the seven major energy centers.

SESSION 2: We will practice our intuitive skills by working off of photographs of our animals. We will take turns for each person in the group to tune into each picture, of each person’s animal, and receive messages and information from that animal.

Observe as we we utilize group consciousness in the quantum energy field to observe change in the animal that we’re working with. The power of synergy and the focus of the group will amaze you in what can happen and come through for your pet.

You will also learn how to follow the energy in feeling certain things in your own physical body, and how to interpret that for your animal.

SESSION 3: By now your skills are ready for me to teach you how to do holographic healing for your animal’s organ systems and body parts. Using your imagination, along with anatomical diagrams and photographs, you will learn how to observe what wants to happen in your pet’s body.

You will become aware of how we enforce our own agenda on another being’s journey. How our desire to fix things can actually be dangerous to the animal’s own body wisdom and healing pathway.

SESSION 4: Here’s where we take everything you’ve learned and really hone in on putting your newfound skills into practice. Followed by group discussion about what we are feeling and what changes we have observed within our own lives, as well as our animal’s lives and wellbeing.

Maximum group size: 5 people

*If you miss a session you will receive an audio copy of the call, so you can follow along on your own at home.

INTUITION DEVELOPMENT & ANIMAL HEALING – $199 (Four 90-minute sessions, once a week, for one month)

*All prices are in Canadian dollars

Ongoing Animal Healing & Intuition Coaching Group.


Open to people who have completed the 4-week Intuition Development & Animal Healing workshop (listed above).

This is a weekly practice session to keep developing and increasing your intuitive abilities. We will continue to work off the photos of each other’s animals, and I will also bring in brand new animals – where I already know what’s wrong – and you will have the chance to practice your intuitive abilities in a supported environment.


$150/month or $399 for 3-month package

*All prices are in Canadian dollars