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Intuition Development Workshop

“Where the animals tune you in, and lead you to higher ground.”

On this half day field trip adventure we will exercise our intuition as guided by the animals.  We will explore tools that will help strengthen your communication with your own pets, as well as refine your personal practice of developing a deeper more intimate relationship with your “gut feelings”, your imagination,  and your intuition. This field trip will take us to the horses where they will be our guides into depths within ourselves we have only dreamed of.

We will practice listening from the heart, by exercising our intuition muscles, we get more clarity as to what information is being exchanged. We learn to discern from what is our filters, and projections, and what is true information. Whether you would like to know what your own animals are expressing, or as a practice for your own life expressions, this adventure will help you fine-tune, revive, and refine your intuition.

Come join us in the evolution!!!

1 Day – 4 hour Workshop
Time: 10 am – 2 pm
Location: Lower Mainland & Surrounding areas in BC, Canada
$167 per person.
For more info or registration contact:

Tel: 604-657-0293

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Güliz Ünlü CBP, Equi-Bow, Inter-cellular communication, Fascial kinesiology.