I had a call with a lovely woman today reaching out because her Veterinarian made an appointment to Euthanize her dog on Monday.
She called me because her gut feeling was just saying no. That it was too early.
Her dog didn’t seem to be in distress. He was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor very recently. There were signs he was off, but nothing to indicate any suffering. Her dog is 11. And she loves him dearly.

I write this to share a few thoughts.

Travis pondering to stay or leave


It is vital to get a second opinion with any of these serious conditions. No matter how wonderful your Vet may be.
Always follow your gut. I work with many people who are at the stages of palliative care with their animals. The big question is ALWAYS how will they know when to make the call. Having just gone through this last year, I know that we JUST KNOW. There is an undefinable connection that we must trust in underneath the sadness and fear of making the call, or not.
I am excited about the class I will be teaching ( Linking Awareness) and which I have traveled and learned with Veterinarians from all over the world. It helps Vet’s to get into the space where they can reach beyond their mainstream trainings and learn about dropping into communication to check in with themselves AND the animals TRULY if the animal is indeed ready to go and if there are any messages that need to be heard before the Soul is ready to soar again.
I fear that we interfere so much with the animals own process of transition. Of course I don’t want to see suffering however, there is a very important part of the souls journey that needs to FINISH here on this plane, and we can help by giving them a voice.

Wisdom of the Heart

When our animals leave their body, they have not disappeared. Life is energy. Energy does not die, only transforms. Once you can wrap your head around this, you will come to a place where you can hear more clear the “voice” of what your animals wishes are because you will understand that you have not “lost”anything or will lose anything when they leave.
This is the next level of our own wisdom of the heart.
When your animal is going through a health challenge, It’s imperative that you work on your emotions. Our animals take it seriously to care for us. They are here for us just as much as we are here for them. Know the power of your emotions and the effects they have on those around you especially your animals who are already using up their own energy to heal themselves. They must be able to rest knowing that you can take care of yourself.

What a great opportunity to practice self care. You don’t want people to send you worry energy, why would we want to put that on our pets. I know how difficult this is, maybe even impossible at times, however, here is yet another gift your animal can give you, the practice of emotional resilience and freedom where we learn to observe our emotions rather than become slaves to them.
Voice WHY you are feeling sad to them. Out loud. Voice that you are fully capable of holding your own space to allow for them to heal, whatever this looks like, even through tears and grief and heartache. Sometimes what death is to us is actually a miracle of healing. Be open to this paradox and hold yourself sweetly if you get to experience the honorable and sacred position to send them off into the Great Mystery.

Be present with them  NOW.

Finally, allow yourself to grieve fully but only
AFTER they have changed form. Do not let the mind trick you into the illusion of not having them with you in the so called future. In this moment, the future does not exist. We only have now. Love them without the agendas of a tomorrow. Practice this and see just how profound this love is. If you feel fear here, just watch it like a drifting feather.
Sending deep love and understanding to anyone who is going through this right now.
 You are not alone.
~ G