Waiting for Cobra

I posted this photo on Instagram of Sigh and Tiah. I just threw out a title and called it Waiting for the Cobra. Blissfully Unaware of the magnitude of those simple words.

We wait as the cottonwood fluff floats and drifts by in slow motion carrying a million wishes and dreams we have as the collective voice for the horses. A true voice that is building in strength, in intent and integrity. A true voice coming from the Divine source where we are simply conduits of light and sound to transform frequency into a conglomeration of words that makes sense to the cerebral cortex of the human brain. To help us all on our secret and subconscious pilgrimage back home, back to ourselves…

But wait. This story is part of a much bigger story, a story that involves an entire herd of wild mustangs from a Reservation in British Columbia. So I’m going to continue this story in the place where it all started… Click here to READ MORE…


About the Author:

Güliz Ünlü - Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP), Equi-Bow, Inter-cellular Communication and Fascial Kinesiology. How do we communicate with the body on a cellular level to uncover imbalances? Furthermore, what can our body’s cells tell us? We know that bodies, under ideal circumstances, contain the innate wisdom to function perfectly – let’s tap into this miracle of biological design to remove the blockages in cellular function and communication. Güliz works with humans and their animals to become whole again, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

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