I first heard the term Empowered Herd from Jini Patel Thompson. It is precisely the term that was missing from my vocabulary. Throughout my work, one of the messages I speak of is the communication potential of horses when they know they are heard and understood. And the depth of inner work these beings can assist us humans with in our own evolution through the senses.

I can walk into a herd of horses and know through my own feedback (energetic exchange) in forms of the clarity of thoughts observed in my own head, and the clarity of images received from and through the horse, whether they are indeed an empowered individual, or, a horse who has shut down from years and years of domesticated emotional neglect, misunderstanding, and misuse.

The word “power” or “powerful” has many definitions, each definition based on our our perceptions of how we ourselves experience “power”. Therefore, in my own vocabulary, I have felt it needs to be used wisely and carefully, as there is a belief system around it; as an Egoic sense of the feeling of power.

I’d like to define the way I use power, so as to be as clear in how it is perceived by you.

Empowered. What does it mean for you to be empowered? Imagine yourself feeling empowered… where are you while you are feeling this? What are you doing? Where do you FEEL this in your body?

Most often, it involves the feeling of being heard, even if you are not fully understood; it’s a sense of really being seen, felt, heard and accepted for ALL that you are.

There is an overall Divine sense of Empowerment, and an Egoic sense of empowerment. Neither of these are good or bad, they just hold different truths and frequencies.

The Empowerment I am speaking of is ultimately when we put ourselves in a position where we place our own Ego aside and position ourselves between the Divine-Universal Wisdom, and our own Innate Wisdom, allowing for a clear communication between them. It’s in this space of power where we feel the messages as an experience into our cells, rather than as thoughts that are too easily confused by the disorganized filters of our very own conditioning.

The Empowered Herd is the Wild herd, Where conditions are few if not null. The Empowered Human is the Wild Human, where embedded belief systems are decoded, and thrown out the window. Empowerment represents clear reception with our Self from our Self. It isn’t received from a space of yearning, trying, or agenda.

The more domesticated our animals are – if we have not given them their voice – the more conditioned belief patterns they develop as well as absorbing our own cognitive dissonance, energetic imbalances, and incongruence. This is what I call, “checking out”.

Once they take in too much, they leave their body (you’ve seen horses with that glazed “nobody home” look in their eye) and it can sometimes take years to bring them back. Somewhere, they have allowed us to take their power away. How many times they have tried to get through to us, to communicate their discomfort, to maybe even tell a story, yet, we get in the way because WE do not listen.

The Empowered Herd is one where each member is recognized for their role. A recognition of acceptance, of honouring. It’s a sense of safety, in which exists a knowing within the subtle senses that all are looking out for each other, a total awareness.

When you walk into an empowered herd, or share space with an empowered horse, you feel as though you are being assessed. There is a different kind of respect that is evoked, and suddenly you find your own awareness and observation become heightened. The horse as an empowered being knows exactly who and what they are, and they can see who and what you are. They will feel your congruencies and incongruencies. Where you are not being truthful with them and within yourself, areas you may not even realize don’t match. Since emotions, and thoughts are frequencies, they can distinguish energetic patterns and body language, and will read you like a book. And this is where they come in as facilitators for those of us who are willing to swallow our pride and take a good look at what they are showing us.

And so, this is where my own observation comes in, and what inspired this post. The more we listen ( with the purest form of ourselves) to our horses, dogs, cats, and the WHOLE of Nature, and the Animal Kingdom, the more they will want to share with us. Just like a good friend who listens, without judgement, gives advice only when asked, and loves us unconditionally. Be this friend to your animals and Nature. They will share with you the secrets of the Universe, filling you up with such joy, wisdom and understanding that we cannot help but evolve into our own highest potential.