The first time I spoke with Guliz I knew she had something special to offer. I have an 11 year old Hanoverian x Thoroughbred Mare 16.2 hands and as long as a stretch limousine. I had just found out that she had a bad fall back when she was just 7 years old, she ended up on her back after getting caught up after a jump.I never really felt that she was coming up short until after two sessions with Guliz that we noticed a remarkable improvement in her movement. Guliz now comes every two weeks and my mare can’t wait to show her where it hurts. She will actually ‘point’ or put her leg out to allow Guliz to get right in to the sore spots. My mare is receptive and trusting and absolutely gives in to all that Guliz has to offer. I now have a 7 year old IDSH gelding as well and have also trusted him to the special touch that she has to offer. – Sara Smith

I want to give some personal love to a dear friend of mine Güliz Ünlü. I met Guliz about 3 years ago when she came to my then retreat centre to work on one of my horses who needed some support, Guliz is a brilliant and intuitive body worker who is magic in her realm of BodyTalk. We started talking and quickly realized we were kindred spirits, after she finished with my horse she said I am going to visit the epona lady now… I laughed, I am the epona lady, you are here! For those of you that don’t know, my retreat centre is called Epona Rise Retreat. What I appreciate the most about Guliz is her love and support for me, being a leader, a coach and a space holder I find it hugely valuable to have friends in my life that can hold space for me. Guliz will know when I need some love and often sends me messages of I love you, she visits and we create magic together and she holds space for me when I need to be held, to be vulnerable to talk about my insecurities and when I need a bit of championing myself. She herself is incredibly gifted in what she does, how she holds space in her soft and gentle way, how she can be with whatever mood or space anyone is in and stay neutral and love anyways. I am blessed to have her in my life and call her a dear friend. She is also gifted at BodyTalk for both humans and especially animals! Guliz I love you and thank you for holding space in the unique and beautiful and pure way that you do! This is a picture of guliz with Abe my big beautiful lead gelding who departed us in physical last year, he was the connector that brought us together. Hillary Schneider

My sessions with Guliz brought not only more awareness to my body, but connection to myself as Guliz highlighted with each session a perception of myself that I had been in conflict with at some point in my life. With the releases that Guliz would let me know where happening, I would feel the shifting of energy in my own body. Within my journey with Guliz, she tuned into steps that were asking to be taken for myself in my life and her work released me from the stories I had running for myself, which was being reflected in my animals as well. Beyond my sessions with Guliz, I found myself able to more easily tap into the energies that we within myself and the field around me…Guliz’s powerful work opened up a channel that I hadn’t been able to see was not flowing, and aligned my body and connections where I was feeling the effects of her sessions long after they were over. Guliz’s personable, gentle and confident nature in herself and her work helped provide a very supportive environment for the changes and shifts to take place within me. I feel very honoured to have worked with this amazing lady! – M.T.

“I won’t take a horse in for training or a student and horse unless Guliz works on their animals consistently. She is indispensable at keeping the all in top shape, and without a happy, comfortable horse, there is no learning, and my work would then become obsolete. Horses love her, and the flow that goes on between them is like poetry. I have witnessed total transformations under her hands: resistance gone, bodies straightened, hunters bumps healed and happy, willing-to-work attitudes return. Her compassion and knowledge is accessible as Guliz is approachable and giving. There is not a single horse on this planet that would not benefit from her gift, and that transfers also to happy owners. Her riding style exemplifies the same fluidity” April Reeves

I wanted to thank you Guliz for providing me with such a healing space for 6 weeks. Your impact on shifts within me have been profound, inspirational and enlightening. Before the program I was struggling with things I could not comprehend. I had blocks I just could not find clarity or location on. Your gift and guidance through the process where invaluable to me. I have felt an incredible difference in my life since and have opened up spaces to understand my purpose. I can now identify spaces within that are calling out for specific attention that runs deeper then a physical or emotional blockage. I can identify when an aspect feels off and call on that place within that I am now aware of to take time to support. You have helped me claim my power by deep healing that has opened my ability to help others and myself and I cant thank you enough. You are very through and very gifted I am honored to have been apart of your program. – L.P.

Guliz is without question the strongest animal healer I have come across. I have seen animals bodies transform in a single session. Whether the animal is struggling with physical, emotional or behavioral issues, Guliz aids with an understanding and skill that releases, liberates and transforms. Her skill is equally witnessed in her work with people. Her love for those she works with is tangible and it is a gift and an opportunity to work with her. Nikki Hainstock