There is something so very magical about being in the presence of a herd of horses on the wide open range.

It’s a mixture of the the invisible and the visible. The known and the unknown. It’s wind brushing across your cheeks and moving your hair wildly across your forehead. It’s smelling the fresh warm air made up of sage, tumbleweed and fresh green grass of the ground that parts just so for it to leak out it’s earthly exhale as the sun pulls the baby sprouts to touch his golden fingers.

With the eyes open you see endless rolling hills that embrace your mind. With eyes closed you feel the power of this land and  hear the ancient voices of the ones that walked here before us. The timelessness envelopes the senses and we become one with all. Past. Present. Future. Animal. Insect. Tree. I walk, and there at the edge of the lake I see them gathered.

We watch. For a long time. We sit. I look for the lead mare and the Stallion wondering if my intuition can sense them from way up on my perch.

I feel into them. One by one. Each has a specific essence. I Love this practice. I love not knowing anything about this herd. I love the impact this mystery has on both my Ego and my Soul. Observing the thoughts coming in and going I work to still my mind. After the ego has finished looking at confirmation and movement and condition. After my soul has finished yearning and imagining freedom of jumping on one of these beasts and flying through these hills, I finally settle into presence. My breath slows down, I feel the air flow through my nostrils and fill the front and back of my lungs. Exhale. I soften my eyes and I wait.


They begin to move. I see the young ones playing in the back of the line on the sand still. The Black one has caught my gaze. He walks to the back of the herd where they are and moves them on while the lead mare walks up at the front.


I cannot believe it. Thy are coming my way. The mare leading them too close, the stallion runs up between her and me and paws at the ground in a mighty show of strength, pride. Of protection.

I am in awe of this movement before my eyes. As they stir, my soul stirs. As they curiously contact my essence, I touch theirs and it is one of the most beautiful sensations. A fleeting embodiment of one of truest forms of freedom. I ask myself. What is is about beauty that induces this state of Awe. What is is it about beauty that makes you gasp and for a second hold your breath as though breathing is going to make this vision vanish. As if it is a mirage.

It didn’t vanish. It came closer and closer.


     The stallion paws the ground fiercely showing me it is his herd.



Calling them closer after he checked me out to make sure I was safe.


A very curious and very beautiful mare.

I realized that he was bringing the whole herd to us to meet. What happened next is something that to this day is one of the most extraordinary exchanges I have had with animals. The information and frequencies exchanged were nothing short of a kind of initiation into their consciousness. As though saying, you want to work with us, first, you need to know THIS frequency. They lined up and blasted me with a force of nature’s acknowledgment. All of them seeing me see them.

There were no thoughts passing through my head. Only this buzzing under my feet and over the top of skin something like goosebumps but different. More like the feeling when a hummingbird zooms past your ears and a sense of delight percolates out through your skin.

Getting blasted.


Again, time stood still. As I felt the communication come to an end, the stallion quietly rested or meditated with me. I chose to stand in case the energy shifted and I had to get out of the way. Notice my body is turned away from him. I wanted everything about my language to be soft so I felt into my own body and how and where to both physically and energetically place it.

If I felt my energy was too invasive for them, I would pull it back in. I would know by their reactions and movements. The subtle twitches of the ears and noses to the air. Flick of the tail.

There were a few times where the mare got very close to me and the stallion stood watch . He did not miss a thing. He was watching my thoughts, my actions and my energies. If there was  congruence within my self or not. If there was any indication that I did not trust myself, he would not trust me and this could mean trouble. I have nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.


It is one of the most powerful forms of self healing I have known. When the animal world or Nature invite us to see a perspective that is paradoxically inside of ourselves, outside. How they gently form words and thoughts for us as though we somehow understand the details when wisdom comes from a herd of horses yet we seem to never find those words or wisdom for ourselves.

  Even though. I am them. and they are me.








Another incredible day in this beautiful experience called Life.

Photo credits :Mark Davies & Equuarius.

(Also a thank you to Mark for being a perfect co-observer and capturing such magical exchanges.)

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Love ~ G