Shows her where it hurts…..

The first time I spoke with Guliz I knew she had something special to offer.  I have an 11year old Hanoverian x Thoroughbred Mare 16.2 hands and as long as a stretch limousine.  I had just found out that she had a bad fall back when she was just 7 years old, she ended up on her back after getting caught up after a jump.I never really felt that she was coming up short until after two sessions with Guliz that we noticed a remarkable improvement in her movement.  Guliz now comes every two weeks and my mare can’t wait to show her where it hurts.  She will actually ‘point’ or put her leg out to allow Guliz to get right in to the sore spots.  My mare is receptive and trusting and absolutely gives in to all that Guliz has to offer.  I now have a 7 year old IDSH gelding as well and have also trusted him to the special touch that she has to offer.

– Sara Smith


About the Author:

Güliz Ünlü - Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP), Equi-Bow, Inter-cellular Communication and Fascial Kinesiology. How do we communicate with the body on a cellular level to uncover imbalances? Furthermore, what can our body’s cells tell us? We know that bodies, under ideal circumstances, contain the innate wisdom to function perfectly – let’s tap into this miracle of biological design to remove the blockages in cellular function and communication. Güliz works with humans and their animals to become whole again, emotionally, physically, and mentally.