I wanted to share the purpose of this trip to Indonesia. It is more important to share than other times because there have been over 30 people who have “donated” in exchange for a BodyTalk/animal communication session with me to help support this journey. This is the real reason I am going on this adventure. I will try to keep it as short and to the point as possible, however, for one, my journey with the animal kingdom has been a long and complex one, and two I am a typical Aquarian who is known for rambling to try to put ALL the gazzilion images and abstract thoughts into a form to express in a normal language for the focused listener to grasp.

For those that don’t know, this my second trip to Indonesia. The first trip was for an outreach project sharing BodyTalk and Linking Awareness. We went to two hospitals to work with people most affected by Malaria and Dengue fever. We visited an orphanage to share the teachings with kids from ALL over the country, and we spent time with Veterinary students and professors at the University of veterinary medicine in Bogor, again, learning and exploring “alternative” medicine. We attended zoo’s and met with some of the people who are in “power” when it comes to the environment and health of the captive animals from zookeepers to directors.

This post was inspired by you all who have supported me, but really brought into focus by a man I met at the dog park who was asking some amazing questions which really honed in on WHY I am going, because..bottom line…In the past, I have been a terrible traveller. Planes have made me nervous, sleepless and extra grumpy and have felt as though I aged about 2 years with every long flight. For this trip, I have two long flights. A 8.5 hour flight to Tokyo, and another 7.5-hour flight to Jakarta. In the past, my body has not handled random beds well, and my stomach has not handled foreign foods well.( of course, I am open for this to change going into this trip)
A big part of me would rather take a 5-hour flight to Mexico to each fish tacos, and get a new puppy. But, a calling is a calling, and I feel a part of a collective mission to help raise consciousness by exploring and submersing my own psyche into unique cultures, adventures and experiences. I feel like the more I understand the extraordinary craft of the universe, of life, of humans and animals and our role here on earth and of course in other universes the less suffering I see. The more of the bigger picture I see which make this earth walk a much more bearable place. And when we change and shift our awareness to this expanded understanding, we will save ourselves, the earth and all her creatures together.
We can’t fix the political situation, the monetary system, the medical system, the education system, or the judicial system…. we can’t even begin to have reconciliation talks with cultures, animals, and the Earth until we find the understanding first within. We find that EVERYTHING that goes on in our minds, all the thoughts the many subconscious and conscious are manifested. WE are the creators…so, of course, this world is so messed up.
We have jealousy, fears, beliefs of lack, self-sabotage, insecurities, doubt, lack of imagination and the list goes on…
So, I’m going to stop here, before I head off on another tangent, and get back on track. I want to speak about the imagination here, because, in essence, my work is in the practice of the realm of the imagination. Of the practice of potentials, and observing through a subtle sense frequencies that are neither seen by the eyes or heard by the ears as strongly as those senses were when we were children. It is a sense of knowing that is built and created through the gathering and collecting, of absorbing and integrating and letting go of everything we have been taught. Just like the beautiful, and perfect state of a new born child. Children are the masters of observing. Of watching. With every cell of their bodies. In essence, they don’t do anything but watch. THIS is the place we practice in this work. This is the practice of this Mystery School training I am learning to facilitate. Quantum theory has some fascinating studies on the power of observation. ( next blog post)

This work is in understanding that EVERYTHING is connected. Not just reading about it, but really have a deep and powerful experience of it. And as I do MY work and bring these imaginations into a new belief system, soon there will be ten, 50, then 100 of us under this new rule of living. Because we have all walked together creating these experiences that come from our highest potential at this time. So, this is my WHY….to share in our remembering of human history, of the power of human intent, and focus. To gather with other people who have like myself at one point or another felt “crazy” for feeling and seeing the world through a different lens. To co-witness the epiphany of greatness in each others eyes as we witness the healing of thousands of years of sufferring in a blink of an eye. And finally to witness miracles together with clients, friends, animals, and whatever else might be present. What on earth is the point of witnessing a miracle alone?

What do the animals have to do with any of this?……
Find out in my next blog post about my latest trip to Indonesia where I was honoured to meet some Elephants, Orangutans, and receive some powerful wisdom from the Cicadas of the tropical forests of Borneo.