There are so many kinds of Body Workers out there. I am so very grateful that we as a collective are waking up to the needs of our animals and taking a step outside of the box to come to a deeper understanding of their world.
I am often asked what it is that I do. It’s a loaded question because the answer usually depends on how much I believe the “asker” of the question is willing or open to hearing, and to which point can we relate to the language of healing and health.


Before you watch the video, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

What are your own expectations when it comes to hiring a Body Worker to work on your horses or animals?
Is it possible that these expectations, and agendas potentially get in the way of deep full body harmonizing in your animals?
When does our agenda of a “fix” become a futile attempt at making something we feel as “bad” become “good” or better.

What if there is no good or bad, but only a process of organizing disorganized energies. Ie, injuries, emotional scars, mental conditioning and manipulation. And, what if we trusted in our animals and their own ability to heal themselves, and to let go of the attachments we have to be the rescuer and healer, as if somehow, WE know what is best for them, and in what order to fix them.. Doesn’t that sound a bit ego centered?…

What if we were able to meet them in the space of possibility, and illogical potential and let go of our own ideas and projections, let go of conditioned beliefs around the act of  “doing” something to get something else. ie; fixing the hock so the horse has a nicer canter, or fixing the jaw so they no longer hang on your rein.
What if we came from a place of ..”OK, I see you need something here, as you seem to having a hard time holding your left lead. Can you show me a priority that may be bothering you that we need to adress first before you can have a comfortable, and balanced canter. I am open to all possibilities, so, go ahead, start sharing , but, only if you want to”

In Montaro’s case, we really had nothing to go on. Montaro’s guardian and I had both got a “feeling” that he wanted some work though we did not know why. The why is not important at all, but we honored his request and set a date. This is a unique herd, as in, they are all but one, not domesticated. I call them an empowered herd (click here for blog post on the empowered herd)  and a unique situation with the herd’s guardian where we are friends. We have done some personal work with her and her horses in past sessions, so this session was very much about Montaro.


Often times, the session will bounce from the human back to the animal again removing and organizing energies for a healing or epiphanies to unfold. As in many cases, the animal sees so much, holds so much and feels much of what is happening internally both within itself and their guardian.They see where it manifests in the environment or in the body be it a physical injury, or emotional weight. So, as the session progresses, it opens up hidden doors within the psyche where one door is only able to open if we open a specific door and take a look inside. This then will lead to many others, but one cannot be opened and observed without the other. It becomes this beautiful detective dance that when practiced, one becomes very good at deciphering the clues.

To the degree we are able to open our minds to infinite possibilities, is the degree we are able to receive valuable information. Imagination is a key player in this work.

Below is an an unedited, real-time video of one of the sessions Montaro had asked of me. It is my version of what takes place when the human(me) does the work it takes to go beyond our conditioned belief systems, beyond our self imposed wants, and even our nature to want to relate, and connect to another being.


In my work, there has been, and will always be work to do to clear and polish filters within myself so that the information coming through is real and authentic to each being I have the honor of working with.. My own way around this is to come from a pure place of awe, curiosity, and love. There is no right or wrong, there is only pure experience.

Here’s an invitation from the herd and I for an intimate viewing of a full session, so, get yourselves cozy, grab some hot chocolate or tea,
and enjoy.
~ G and the Animals.