Thunder enjoying the    sunset.

In this work, I have the honor of working with ALL kinds of animals. I never know what is going to come my way.

Nature, our animals, plants, insects, and all sentient beings all have their stories. A ginormous part of our healing ourselves happens through our ability to listen to our innate Wisdom. To hear our Nature. This is where Nature and the Animals come in as such extraordinary helpers because they give us a beautiful sacred space of non-attached observation and presence where we are allowed to just be ourselves as they witness us just as we are in ALL of our glory and lightlessness.

What does this have to do with “animal Communication?” If we don’t address our own imbalances, we will not be able to create a harmonious space for our animals to thrive. They are empaths. Which means they sense and feel everything around them. And when they love you and share a life with you, you bet whatever YOU are going through is affecting them, and most often times, it is the reason for their own imbalances, frustrations, or unhappiness whether we are aware of it or not.

When we change. They change.




This is a story about a beautiful Alpaca named Thunder.
I have full permission from his guardian and him to share most of his details. There are some things I won’t share as respect for him and his own private life, however, he is on the forefront of this awakening that is happening across the globe as we allow ourselves to keep exploring the depths of the human psyche and our interconnections to Nature.




I received a call from Kathy. She wanted me to check in with her and her husband’s herd of 40 + Alpacas. She had a few specific questions such as:

What does the herd need?
Are they getting enough feed/care?
What was Thunder fighting for? ( Thunder was unable to go out with the rest of the herd of the boys because he and Eddie, another one of the male Alpacas would continually fight. This kept him separated and alone unable to have any relationships or contact with his herd except through a fence)

Christmas and her new leg braces.

Since I could not fly to meet her and the herd in person, we met on a live video call using Zoom meeting. This way, I could be with her as she introduced me to the herd. Just as we can use wireless to communicate, the same applies to distance/remote meetings. Through training, we learn to tune in like a radio station. ( This is something I will be speaking about in the Linking Awareness Journey seminar at YaYa’s Alpaca Farm in Missouri May 18th,19th 20th) .)

She walked me around the farm as I met each one of her beautiful Alpacas. They struck me as being so incredibly wise with immense depth and intelligence. Some of them were open receptors, which means I could get information from them, and others were closed and didn’t want to communicate with us. They, just like humans have their own characteristics. Some are more extroverted and have stories that they want to share. And others, are more introverted and quiet, and would rather just watch or even ignore us completely.
The whole of the herd felt good and content. We explored some changes that would benefit them and checked in with some of the pregnant ones. We also checked in with a very special one name Christmas who just had some work to do on straightening out her legs. ( We are still working with her, but she did recently get new leg braces!)

Kathy walked me over to where Thunder was kept. As soon as I saw him I knew how powerful he was. I used the Linking Awareness technique to connect with him and he opened up to us instantly. The love I felt from him was almost overwhelming. Not towards me, but for his humans/guardians and his herd. I felt that he was, in essence, the King there at the farm but no-one was taking him seriously and he felt he needed to fight just to be heard. To use a forceful way of being rather than allowing that power to come up from within himself through patience and an inner knowing. I reminded him that we see him and he does not need to prove himself. Eddie was testing him and because he doubted his own strength, Eddie would challenge him.

I shared with Kathy how to see him in that strength and confidence.

When how we see things changes, that which we see changes.

I asked her to share the new way of seeing him with anyone who had contact with him so that his whole reality and environment would be supported in that change.
He also shared some details about his mother and how he missed her. Using some tools I learned in my BodyTalk training which is a healing modality that works with communication within the body as a whole. For example, re-establishing communication between the liver and the kidneys.) I worked with re-establishing communication between his organs, endocrines and body parts. He seemed to be holding some sadness in his physical body.
We are now understanding that emotions can get stuck in our tissues/fascia. I am like a detective as I go in and find where there is a discrepancy in the body and just by listening and observing the details, the emotion is able to get released no different than if you have a problem and you have that one friend that is a great listener. How much better do you feel after simply being heard? That is what this work is like.

Thunder and the boys after the barber chop.

This was an opportunity for Thunder to share his wisdom with Kathy. He felt that he had some big important messages to share with her and the hundreds of people that visit the farm and yet he feels like he was not being heard. This was a mirror for Kathy and we got a chance to work with her as well, as she shared this same frustration with Thunder. Somewhere within herself, she held the same story of feeling as though she is speaking, but nobody could hear her. She was feeling at times as though she didn’t exist. I was able to observe the exchange, communication, and understanding between the two of them. It was like Thunder was saying “FINALLY! she gets me and I can help her!!”

Thunder, The king of the Castle.

Later that evening, I received a wonderful message. Kathy was able to let Thunder out with the rest of the herd. And still, to this day, he has the freedom and peace to be with the boys.

Kathy and I have been working together to help raise her confidence in communicating and connecting on a deeper level with all of the Alpacas at YaYa’s Alpaca farm. It is a long yet very rewarding journey.

Once this communication starts, there is no stopping it!!

Now, as Kathy is becoming more confident in herself as a listener, Thunder is able to share and show her more of his world. More of his magic so that she can help him interpret it to the many visitors that come to their farm inspiring peoples lives one heart at a time.



Linking Awareness Journey was created as a way into our intuition. It is an initiation into the heart where there is only one language. I invite you to a Linking Awareness Journey  at YaYa’s Alpaca Farm in Missouri May 18th, 19th & 20th, 2019 to learn non-verbal inter-cellular communication to help you connect with your own animals at home or at work.