I recently received this question asking about Linking Awareness with someone’s precious cat, to try to locate it.

“I just want to find my lost cat but I’m not sure if the skill is real. If I learn it myself, how long will it take to master the skill to that degree (of finding the lost cat) and is there any side effect, like will I become more sensitive to supernatural things? because I don’t want to see things unneeded and unwanted.” C.L.

This was my short response (there is no simple answer):

“It’s a practice that takes one on a journey. There is NO end to the possibilities, skills, and practice. You are right, if we do this work without preparation and adequate knowledge of ourselves, we do open our senses to what most of us have shut down as children, because we did not receive the support from our environment that is needed to maintain that level of awareness.

I would recommend reading some books on animal communication. (I will list some names at the end of this article)
I would also recommend hands-on workshops such as a Linking Awareness (check my website for upcoming courses) and/or other workshops that help with the practice of deep inner listening.)
The only side effect that I have found in this work/journey has been meeting extraordinary humans and animals all around the world. A much deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of ALL sentient beings. And confidence in our own innate wisdom and intuition. At times, I lose my head in a good way, as my mind gets blown from being witness to and observing “the impossible”

Sometimes it hurts the heart in what we see and touch but within the family of people I have met while in training for this work, there is a global support system to assist us through the growing pains. We help each other remember the much bigger picture. If we truly want to master our listening skills, we must put our egos and fears aside while we keep in mind and heart why we are here. In my eyes, I do this work to be the bridge for the animals to help us humans wake up and realize how incredible we truly are.”

And this is my long answer:

I deeply understand the levels of grief and dearly missing a loved one. There is no difference in the intensity of the feeling, whether the animal (as in this case) is in physical form or not. It is this grief that has inspired a curiosity within. Instead of falling victim to it, I use our perceptions of suffering and grief as a vehicle for deeper understanding and wisdom.

This is why, for me, looking for a lost pet is only the tip of the iceberg. I will ask to see the bigger picture, because this is where our opportunity comes to rise and grow.
I will ask to know what the animal’s Soul purpose is. There is no doubt that “going missing” is all a part of that being’s divine plan.
I will ask to know why the animal has left. And if the animal wants to be found.

It’s only human agenda and ego that defines anything as negative or positive. And it’s only the ego that sees separation and tries to convince us that we need to physically see and physically touch  that which we are communicating to and with.

So my work is not to FIND the cat (although there are people out there that practice this solely, and some of them are very good).
My work is to help the human shift perspective to see a bigger picture. I would ask questions such as:

What was going on in your life when the animal became lost?
What was going on in the animal’s life?
How much of your animals’ personal life are you aware of?

Once we begin tuning in and exploring the environment where the animal lives, and HOW the animal lives and experiences her own path, we begin to become aware of a bigger picture. Through the laws of physics, your reality (how you perceive life) begins to change. This allows for a shift in reality for the lost animal, by way of entanglement. The idea is that relationship is the definition of everything in space and time. The concept of entanglement arose from observation by physicists that certain particles still appear to move in a connected fashion, without any time lag, even after they are separated by large amounts of space. For those of us that spend so much time with our animals, we become energetically linked. Therefore your energy affects the animal’s energy no matter how far away they may be.

How does this help me find my animal?

Let’s say your animal is still in its physical form. Your energy has now changed and shifted from fear, sorrow, longing to the energy of infinite possibility.
You have just alchemized your emotions into a powerful ripple effect. Your change now creates a potentiality for change for your animal. Now your animal feels this and can manifest it’s way back to you. If this is in her divine plan.

Your job is now done. You have done all you can do. You have shifted your perspective so you are no longer frozen by grief and longing and fear. You have connected to your animal in lucid dream time – I share how to do this in a private session, or by a guided journey through a Linking Awareness Journey, or another form of communication. You have moved beyond ego and agenda into your heart and communicated to your animal that they can choose to come home, by empowering them that they can manifest a way home. You have reminded them of the infinite possibilities of HOW they can get home. All the while not even realizing that your animals have just given you one of the most amazing gifts. The gift of realizing an aspect of your ultimate potential as a human being.
After all of this, and you are not looking with your mind and emotions anymore, you will follow your heart-brain that may lead you by what you will call ‘a miracle’ to your lost animal… that is only IF your animal wants to be found.

It’s easy to forget that the animals in our lives have a WHOLE world of their own that is NOT connected to us. They are their own being with their own agendas and purpose in the world. Our wires got crossed when someone somewhere thought it’s a good idea to call us animal “owners.” We can’t own sentient beings, just as we can’t own land. We can be guardians and caretakers, however, every living being has an intelligence and it’s own story to write.

The degree of listening to their story without our own agendas, is the degree of freedom from grief and sorrow we gift ourselves. When we begin understand attachments and entanglement and co-dependency, we begin to understand the truest form of love.

Whether the cat is still in physical form or not, is now not important. What is important is that we know that the cat is where she needs to be at this time, so for me to “find her” feels a bit strange. And this is only MY perception. As I said, there are great pet psychics out there that would be happy to help. But, for my work, I turn to the wonders of the Universe, quantum physics, and nudging our great human potential.  

Thank you for your on-going support,

     Love, G


Here are a few names of people that inspire my own personal journey. Some have books, others have blogs, and some have experiences that assist in the way into the heart.

Penelope Smith, Rupert Sheldrake, Anna Breytenbach, Jini Patel Thompson, 

Loesje Jacob   Gregg Braden

If anyone has anything that they have read that they would recommend please post it to the comments!