It does not matter if I feel good, bad, happy, sad, angry, alone or united. WE are eternity. It’s simple. No beginning. No end. I am grateful and full of vast appreciation to experience this reality fully knowing that this is not “it” . WE are “home” here, within and a part of the great mystery of the universe. Within, and a part of the expression of LOVE.

It is not my “job” to save people through the gifts that I embody that refine me to share. It is not my “job” to awaken people. It is not my “job” to heal people. The only “job” I will hold myself seriously responsible for is to observe. This instant. and Listen with ABSOLUTE compassion the zero point nothing~ness….and everything~ness. That is all. I do not let the mind wander to egoic layers of mis-conceived and dis-oriented thoughts. I only ask of Self one thing. To be fully present. To be here. Fully. In body. In spirit. In mind. …..

peaceful. present . eternal.