I want to give some personal love to a dear friend of mine Güliz Ünlü. I met Guliz about 3 years ago when she came to my then retreat centre to work on one of my horses who needed some support, Guliz is a brilliant and intuitive body worker who is magic in her realm of BodyTalk. We started talking and quickly realized we were kindred spirits, after she finished with my horse she said I am going to visit the epona lady now… I laughed, I am the epona lady, you are here! For those of you that don’t know, my retreat centre is called Epona Rise Retreat. What I appreciate the most about Guliz is her love and support for me, being a leader, a coach and a space holder I find it hugely valuable to have friends in my life that can hold space for me. Guliz will know when I need some love and often sends me messages of I love you, she visits and we create magic together and she holds space for me when I need to be held, to be vulnerable to talk about my insecurities and when I need a bit of championing myself. She herself is incredibly gifted in what she does, how she holds space in her soft and gentle way, how she can be with whatever mood or space anyone is in and stay neutral and love anyways. I am blessed to have her in my life and call her a dear friend. She is also gifted at BodyTalk for both humans and especially animals! Guliz I love you and thank you for holding space in the unique and beautiful and pure way that you do! This is a picture of guliz with Abe my big beautiful lead gelding who departed us in physical last year, he was the connector that brought us together.

Hillary Schneider