Driving back to the Okanangan

Driving back to the Okanangan after spending a very satisfying “work” week in Vancouver, The radio was on indulging the senses with much more variety than the stations up in the mountains can offer..as the mountains drew near, the valley left behind, the stations became fewer, and fuzzier. In frustration, my hand quickly smacked the off button to allow for a silent journey of thought. The thoughts went something like this….Would one rather listen to a clear signal?..or fuzzy one?….How can we as humans communicate a clear signal to each other?….Because, if you are aware of those people who do have a clear signal, they are magnetic. Their signal is clear within and without. We trust them. The information is true and pure. Even the radio stations have different quality to their signal…the clearest, purest ones are the ones that spend more time in my presence….So, how can we as humans communicate a clear signal?….Spend time in that quiet zone..in Nature, with Self….because the clearer one is here, the truer and more pure the communication …We are talking about electromagnetic frequencies, speech is irrelevant here, these frequencies ooze from our essence, thus attracting like a magnet a match and communicating the purest part of the human mystery. This is where the so called “magic” seems to dwell…


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Güliz Ünlü - Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP), Equi-Bow, Inter-cellular Communication and Fascial Kinesiology. How do we communicate with the body on a cellular level to uncover imbalances? Furthermore, what can our body’s cells tell us? We know that bodies, under ideal circumstances, contain the innate wisdom to function perfectly – let’s tap into this miracle of biological design to remove the blockages in cellular function and communication. Güliz works with humans and their animals to become whole again, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

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  1. Kenneth January 14, 2018 at 12:07 pm - Reply

    The radio offers that variety of Thoughts through the music, talk shows, news and commercials. Not all bad or not all good. To me it is a distraction from viewing and listening to what is around me; via the ride home form work or wherever, city traffic, out and away from the city on a “country” road as we say, allowing our thoughts to roam taking in the surroundings, listening to Nothing is a good thing……The noise of nature to me is music and news to my ears, mind and heart.

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