Doubt. What it means to make sense of one’s doubts…..Sensations within are not matching up to the extraordinary sessions that have been revealing themselves. As if the deeper the experience, an unfamiliar sense of greatness gets misinterpreted as something like doubt..The greatness of the experience matches the degree of the doubt..or uneasiness….Is doubt our default? or have we just labelled a feeling of un-knowing as doubt. As if not knowing is NOT o.k., and therefore not knowing how these unique sessions play themselves out…or get communicated is false.

The eyes SEE it. The heart FEELS it, yet somehow, because there is no explanation…with words, it seeks some sort of validation from the outside…..We are so used to knowing. And if we don’t know, why do we fear that beautiful potential of emptiness?…the fear has been intense lately….the fear of “not doing it right” …or “what if this doesn’t work”…which in hindsight, IS just ego, yet surrendering to that place of the un-known has been what I have perceived as the incredible challenge. Staying in gratitude and allowing a safe place for that fear, and doubt to have their dance is all that is left to do…. and from a genuine, heartfelt place say….”I don’t know how it works, but something happens”

(a photo of a Discovery Session with a lovely lady)