I keep writing words, then deleting them. I can’t see to find the right ones appropriate for what I am going to introduce, so maybe, I will just share the story in how this gift for you from the herd and I came to be.

It has been some time now where I have asked the herd how I can gift aspects of them, aside from my own work in our co-facilitated healing sessions for you, I have been wanting each of you to feel what this work is like. I want to share from where the changes in us happen as the more and more I spend time in this place that I am about to share, the greater my own capacity to listen deeper to everything around me expands.

I wanted to gift it to you from me and the herd.

It was a restless nights sleep. It was one of the windiest nights we have had in a long time up here on the West Coast. There was something bubbling through the layers of my consciousness and I had awoken at one point with the thought to write down what was coming up, but in my lazy stupor, I disregarded this potential gem, and let my stubborn grumpy sleepless self go back to it’s tossing and turning. I awoke to feel as though a truck had run me over with still this feeling that I had missed something big.

Driving to the barn, suddenly I felt ALL the members of the herd come through and find me in the mud of my thoughts. They were there, all of them I could feel with me, the same feeling I awoke to but could not find the energy to put it down on paper. It was a fleeting but potent visit.

The magnificent herd of 11

I have learned not to question too much, as the mind has a good way of leading us on a wild goose chase with such determination and desire to catch that one blink of logic and explanation, often leaving you disappointed and exhausted with nothing but a few stray feathers in your hands.
I arrived to find a number of smaller trees that had fallen across the driveway. Still sleepless, and grouchy, I removed the ones that I could lucky for us, none broke down our fence.


As I finally reached the horses, the sun came peeking through the clouds and despite the overwhelming muck and dirty horses, I felt magic I had not felt there for a while. I pulled out my new phone and began randomly shooting videos.

I spotted Kaliah and Jax over enjoying the sun, and as I walked over to them, a giant gust of wind snapped a cottonwood tree like a stick, I watched as it fell as if in slow motion with a thundering crash. My eye looked up to a big old cedar swaying and moving gently and wildly to the push and pull of the wind. I was there. In that awestruck splendour where time does not exist.
I turned my camera on Jax and asked him what it is that he would like to share with you.
And this is what he shared.



As I began the process of editing, I was searching through all kinds of different music of a certain frequency to add to the video. Then I came across this. It’s in 963Hz and 528 Hz.
963hz connects us to divine consciousness and the return to our true nature of Oneness. The Solfeggio tone of 963Hz is possibly the most direct method for re-establishing your connection to the Divine Source, also known as Christ Consciousness which is Pure Love.

525hz is the miracle tone. It is the love frequency which connects your heart and your soul to Nature and is the only tone associated with repairing DNA.
( I could not find the artist for due credits, however, I found it through the website meditativemind.org)

In my work I find it important to keep in mind the capacity the body has to hold our expanding frequencies, changes and healings. This is why I find these two tones appropriate in working together as one works on the strengthening of the physical body, the other works on growing our consciousness and exercising our highest potential.)

The night that I finished editing it, (note, I had spent hours and hours with Jax and the tones) I had a remarkable sensation move through my body. In just a split second, this whole body pain that I experience disappeared completely and was replaced by a state of bliss. It just enveloped me and was over as fast as it came.
In my dream time that night, I dreamed I was on LSD. My trip in my dream was animated in beautiful indescribable colors and vivid detail.
I awoke to understand that my Pineal gland had a scrubbing down of sorts. I have no other explanation.

Here is what one of my clients shared after experiencing the video.


The next day, when my world was spinning around Christmas Eve, I played just a few moments of Jax… Come be with me & be still and tears just flowed.
It was such an amazing release.
Every time I watch, I see more magic, in the moment, in & with his being. (What would it be like if all beings witnessed & acknowledged their own beauty & magic? What magic & power would we align with & what would we create if we stayed present & sensed our magic & our connection with the earth, & her own energy?
What could we contribute to our planet if we acknowledged our own magic? What would change in me if I would choose to see my own power, beauty, & magic & be that magic myself …just for fun? What else is possible?”


Grateful to you all for the inspiration of something extraordinary. I now look forward to what else is going to come through them. There is already one finished painting by Jax and one in more in the works as directed by Cobra.

Here is the painting that began as a card but turned into it’s own version of it’s highest potential inspired by Love and through Jax. The wizard.

         Inspired painting

Please share any experience this might conjure up if you so feel inclined.

Many of you have worked with me personally, or with the herd and I , or taken my workshops. I look forward to the new year in wishes to see you and work with you again.

It is each of you that inspire the next moment for me. Each of you create a space for this passion and purpose to keep expanding…. Always expanding beyond my own wildest LSD dreams.
Love ~ G and the herd.