I can now identify with spaces within…

I wanted to thank you Guliz for providing me with such a healing space for 6 weeks. Your impact on shifts within me have been profound, inspirational and enlightening. Before the program I was struggling with things I could not comprehend. I had blocks I just could not find clarity or location on. Your gift [...]

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…. their flow is like poetry…..

"I wont take a horse in for training or a student and horse unless Guliz works on their animals consistently. She is indispensable at keeping the all in top shape, and without a happy, comfortable horse, there is no learning, and my work would then become obsolete. Horses love her, and the flow that goes [...]

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Helps liberate and transform…..

Guliz is without question the strongest animal healer I have come across. I have seen animals bodies transform in a single session. Whether the animal is struggling with physical, emotional or behavioral issues, Guliz aids with an understanding and skill that releases,  liberates and transforms. Her skill is equally witnessed in her work with people. [...]

Helps liberate and transform…..2017-07-03T09:07:11+00:00