Driving back to the Okanangan

Driving back to the Okanangan after spending a very satisfying “work” week in Vancouver, The radio was on indulging the senses with much more variety than the stations up in the mountains can the mountains drew near, the valley left behind, the stations became fewer, and fuzzier. In frustration, my hand quickly smacked the off [...]

Driving back to the Okanangan2017-07-03T08:55:53+00:00

Something interesting is happening

Something interesting is happening. :0) ….The more time spent in the “zone” of indifference, of nothingness, and empty space, the compassion that locks into into the heart, and being of this body grows…..and expands… I think they call this a dichotomy …. the less one cares the more ones love grows..and in this love is [...]

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When we are

when we are still, when we let go of our agenda’s, when we sit and allow silence to embrace our every cell, this is the space in which the great mysteries of the universe unfold and enter our senses and speak to us in a language so pure, that only our imagination can reveal it’s [...]

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we are being given

we are being given an incredible opportunity to step up into deeper and mysterious parts of ourselves. Go here bravely. Embrace the intensity. Love up ALL that is found here. Sadness is sadness, and it’s a beautiful emotion. Anger is anger. Feel it. Love it. Justice will prevail, once justice is found within. Once we [...]

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