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Come be with me

I keep writing words, then deleting them. I can't see to find the right ones appropriate for what I am going to introduce, so maybe, I will just share the story in how this gift for you from the herd and I came to be. It has been some time now where I have asked [...]

Waiting for Cobra

I posted this photo on Instagram of Sigh and Tiah. I just threw out a title and called it Waiting for the Cobra. Blissfully Unaware of the magnitude of those simple words. We wait as the cottonwood fluff floats and drifts by in slow motion carrying a million wishes and dreams we have as the [...]

The empowered herd

I first heard the term Empowered Herd from Jini Patel Thompson. It is precisely the term that was missing from my vocabulary. Throughout my work, one of the messages I speak of is the communication potential of horses when they know they are heard and understood. And the depth of inner work these beings can [...]

letter to my mom from Peru. sometime in the past.

I was not going to come to the mountains…during my intense ayahuaska ceremonies..where too much happened to write at this I am still digesting the information..I was told to go..pointed to the mountains..there were three of them mountains..each within the other…………. I am at a loss for any words right now..I wish we were [...]

It does not matter

It does not matter if I feel good, bad, happy, sad, angry, alone or united. WE are eternity. It’s simple. No beginning. No end. I am grateful and full of vast appreciation to experience this reality fully knowing that this is not “it” . WE are “home” here, within and a part of the great [...]

Take the time

Take the time to listen because when you look into the eyes of a creature, you will see universes upon universes of untouched perfect wisdom. Take the time to listen because in the same breath , they see us in ways we  dream to see ourselves, and they see us in ways we hate to [...]

Doubt. What it means

Doubt. What it means to make sense of one’s doubts…..Sensations within are not matching up to the extraordinary sessions that have been revealing themselves. As if the deeper the experience, an unfamiliar sense of greatness gets misinterpreted as something like doubt..The greatness of the experience matches the degree of the doubt..or uneasiness….Is doubt our default? [...]

When we are

when we are still, when we let go of our agenda’s, when we sit and allow silence to embrace our every cell, this is the space in which the great mysteries of the universe unfold and enter our senses and speak to us in a language so pure, that only our imagination can reveal it’s [...]

we are being given

we are being given an incredible opportunity to step up into deeper and mysterious parts of ourselves. Go here bravely. Embrace the intensity. Love up ALL that is found here. Sadness is sadness, and it’s a beautiful emotion. Anger is anger. Feel it. Love it. Justice will prevail, once justice is found within. Once we [...]