Work with the animals and I …

My name is Guliz, pronounced (Geuw-liz) ,

My work is Psychospiritual. It combines psychology, hard science and physics. It’s taking a look at energy at all levels and interprets  it into something tangible and understandable to the untrained mind.  It’s years of travel and gathering wisdom, information, techniques, courses, and certificates from teachers of the human kind and the animal kind .

I like to think of my work as Life Support through the eyes of your animals using a few major tools I’ve picked up and through my own experiences, personality and passion, and through it developed my own style of health and life support.

What I offer is a unique opportunity for you to allow your pets to help you while also helping themselves. It’s an opportunity to deepen your relationship with your own pets, and discover potential blocks  within yourself that are preventing you from reaching your own highest potential.

What blocks might that be?

  • Self sabotage
  • Self doubt
  • Old patterns
  • Deep sub-conscious fears
  • Past traumas caught in different parts of the body
  • Disease or internal imbalances

the list goes on!!!!

For your animals, it offers an opportunity for them to step into full expression of themselves by being seen, and heard. Animals also have purpose in life like we do and if they are not being supported in that purpose they can get depressed, develop behavioral problems, and health problems. As animal lovers, we somehow find ways to help our animals first, here is a perfect chance for our pets to help us help them help ourselves. They are ALL in our lives for reasons we can only begin to fathom until we gain a deeper understanding of our relationships with them.

For you a fresh and unique perspective into the mysteries of this human experience and a sneak peak into the working of the quantum field where everything yearns for a sense of balance and harmony. Once realized,  imbalances are observed and linked to past stories, trauma’s, or body systems. Once observed, they release and life force and healing can move into those places of injury. Keeping in mind how connected our animals are with us, as we find balance, they find balance.

Like the wireless transmitters that “magically” connect us through wi-fi and radio frequencies,  or like the (observer effect) this work is is at play in that area of the invisible. We can’t see it, we don’t really know how it works, but it works.

7 years ago, it was a horse named Zee that led me to my path as an Equine Body worker, and hundreds of animals both wild and “domestic” have been my teachers since I was 5 yrs old.  The animal kingdom , and nature herself has been the foundation of my life’s work and of what inspires me to keep learning and growing. I practice my own highest potential when I listen to YOUR stories, and challenges, creating a beautiful, safe space to observe as YOU and your beloved animal family move through the session in rawness, and vulnerability. It is this work that can shake you to the core, shedding all of that which no longer serves you. It can leave you reeling, that’s why we offer such a strong support system and easy access to resources that will hold you up. Until you can take those steps, you will not be left “alone”.  And I can guarantee, you will never look at life, or the animals the same again.

(You don’t need to have your animal to this work, I have a few helpers of my own on my farm as well as access to various kinds of animal wisdom.)