With love and appreciation ……

As any path of the heart, I have had many incredible teachers, animals and humans alike. Thank you to all of my animals growing up, from the birds to the rabbits, iguana, cats, dogs and the horses of which whom I’ve had the honor of sharing this earth walk with. For their patience with me as I learned about their world in endless hours spent together.

Thank you to my community,  extended family and friends who are in support of this work…of this passion and calling to work with the mysterious, and subtle energies of the integral fabric of Life.

Thank you to my ever supportive Father and Mother, there is no way I could ever follow my heart without them.

Thank you to teachers who have influenced and help guide, shape, and encourage me.

Judy Banks – Riding Coach

Mahina Rose – TeamDriving

Myles Herman – Body Work

Loesje Jacob  – Body Talk and Inter-cellular communication

April Reeves  – Marketing and riding coach

And thank you to ALL the animals and humans who have trusted in me, and this work…

It is because of your trust and curiosity that I am able to keep doing what I love..

May you live an abundant, thriving and fulfilling life…and the dear ones who have crossed over, never forgotten,

~With Love and Thanks, G