Güliz Ünlü  ( gew- liz) CBP, Equi-Bow, Inter-cellular communication (Animal Communication), Fascial kinesiology, BodyTalk Practitioner

If you have come to this page, I imagine you are curious about this fascinating work and wondering if it will help you and or your furry, feathered or scaly friend.

This work is what I describe as phychospiritual.  It is an integrated approach taking into account physical body, mind, emotions and spirit. The premise is that within each person lies the potential of healing. Every single sentient being has a physical body, and an energetic body and each part have their own consciousness that works intricately with the other.

Each of us has a gift a purpose in life. Whether you are an Elephant, Tiger, Dog, Cat, or Human. We ALL have a place here. WE ALL want to be seen for who we TRULY are. There is no measure as to what the degree is for this purpose. I feel that most of our internal imbalances be it emotional or physical, or mental are clues to the puzzle of our own lives. This perspective has led me to study the relationships of the Bodies within the body.

My studies:
I have deeply explored the BodyTalk systems modality, Equine -Bowen Therapy, and Animal Communication programs under the apprenticeship of one of the world’s leading Animal Communication pioneers. I now hold the honorable and humbling position of Linking Awareness Facilitator (Click here for more details, classes, and adventures),
What drew me first was Equine Bowen Therapy. I could really understand the connections of the tissues or fascia in the physical body that hold emotional memory and story. I love being witness to the unraveling and relaxing of their body as I work together with them to release old patterns and tensions. It’s a gentle, yet powerful technique that the animals LOVE. (I have had equal amazing results on working with Dogs)

Next came BodyTalk. For the first time in over 25 yrs, BodyTalk took away the chronic back pain I lived with daily. This seemingly “magical” technique blew my mind, as I could not understand how barely any touch, or even mention of my back “cured” so many years of intense pain. I literally devoured the program, studying and indulging in advanced training( I was lucky to have the school 15 minutes from my home).
Part of this training was a program called Linking Awareness, it’s a profound journey into intuition. It’s like going on a magical adventure where we discover precious and sacred gifts our intuition has to show us. Loesje Jacob is the founder, extraordinary mentor, teacher, and medicine woman. I love her realness and her grounded approach to consciousness. I have had the honor of traveling to Indonesia to work and study on projects alongside students and professors of Veterinary Medicine. We had assignments at Zoo’s and animal sanctuaries which gave me the opportunity to work with Bears, Monkeys, Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Hippo’s, Orangutans and so many more extraordinary creatures. (If you are interested in coming along for projects like this, click here)

So, how can I help you?
I am skilled and trained at connecting and communicating within both humans AND animals. I observe the “stuck” energies, be it a physical injury, or emotional/mental challenge that is preventing both of you from experiencing the brilliant joyful abundant and healthy life you are meant to live. Sometimes this looks like a move or a change of careers. A break-up where the animal is caught between two people they love so much…or not so much!!! It might be an unexpected injury that needs tending or a surgery you are preparing your pet for. (often I will work with animals before and after the Neutering or spaying, as it can be quite traumatic for the entire system from emotional to physical.)
You might be preparing to make the difficult decision to assist your pet in transition, or perhaps you are needing some support in connecting to one who has already transitioned. Yes, we can tune in!!!!

What you will leave with after a session:

You might notice an injury that was once evidently irritating your animal not bothering them anymore. Or a concerning behavior has subsided or vanished.

You will leave with a deeper understanding of the magic of perspectives and how they heal us.

You will leave with a deeper understanding of the behaviors of your animals, and you will see that once you understand these behaviors, your relationships with them, AND the world around you changes, evolves, and brightens.
The beauty of my work is no matter why you came to me, you will leave with a few tools of your own to play with to help YOU unlock your own intuition so you begin to trust it and begin a new way of being with your animals.

Click here for more details on the sessions where I speak more about animal communication and Body talk.

See, we are so connected to our animals, and them to us. It’s difficult to separate the two. My work looks at the WHOLE picture.

Here’s a bit of background of my journey with Horses in particular. At home, I always had at one point or another rabbit, guinea pigs, birds, iguanas, cats, dogs, and fish.

I was born with a fascination for the animal kingdom. From the tender age of 5 on, animals were a conscious choice for me to learn from. As an only child, animals were my constant companion. With supportive parents that nurtured this part of me, I began vaulting(gymnastics on horseback) at the tender age 5. By age 7 I had my first horse. A 6-hour old filly I named Turkish Delight who taught me how to learn everything fundamental about BEING in the space of the horse. She taught me how to really listen.

Since that time I have started foals, re-trained, rehabilitated ex-race horses, competed with hunters and jumpers, stunt-doubled in films and learned to drive a fine team of Fjords and Belgians. Along the journey, I have been broken and healed. I have won, lost, and fallen hard. I have experienced overwhelming joy, excruciating loss and heartbreak, unimaginable frustration, incredible peace and great satisfaction – all from this magnificent creature we know as Equus – the horse.

The depth to which horses have awakened the wisdom within is profound. And so, I continue with the Awe and curiosity of a child to explore the dimensions of wisdom and consciousness of ALL animals.

It is from this place of feeling and passion that has brought my purpose to light. To help others reach this place of joy, understanding, awe, inspiration, and health through the Way and Wisdom of the Animals.

The time for the animals has come. They know. They each have the wisdom to share if we choose to listen.

Through this work with Guliz and my horses, I began to  feel a missing link had been restored.  As if through my animal,  I began to create a meaning of not just my experience with my horse, but with life. I cannot express enough gratitude for the insight she has brought into my life.

Stacey Brown

7 years ago a horse named Zee propelled me into a full on obsession to help the horse’s human to better understand their animals.  This brought me first into the study of working on the physical form; utilizing what I understood about locomotion and body mechanics, anatomy and balance, and I found some important connections that were associated with the “issues” I was hired to address. I naturally decided to work from the “ground up” and completed 3 levels of the Equi-bow Canada program, and Equinology program to get a better understanding of Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology and Nutrition, along with inter-cellular animal communication through  linkingawareness.com and I certified as a  BodyTalk practitioner for both humans and animals.

I have been fortunate to be able to nestle myself quietly under the wings of internationally renowned and gifted mentors in the fields of Equine Chiropractic, Animal Communication, Structural Kinetics, Ferriery, Cowboys & Cowgirls and talented Trainers.

“I have dedicated my life and focused my passion  to teach, to learn, and to alchemize the information I receive into a healing modality to help you reach your highest potential.”


My work has taken me to multiple destinations in The Middle East, Asia and South America to teach North American methods of riding and care. I have studied BodyTalk with Veterinarians on projects in South East Asia and learned from some of the great wild creatures of the Javanese continent. I have taught Linking Awareness in Indonesia, Candada

My work is not limited to horses – I work with any and all living creatures and my work is met with equal success and results. I am currently based out of Vancouver BC and I travel frequently throughout British Columbia to work with a diverse and interesting group of clients – both animal and human alike.

~ A portion of Equuarius fees are donated to important conservation and awareness projects in Canada as well as throughout Indonesia with the Linking Awareness organization, click here for a peek into past projects or if you are interested in being a part of future projects ~

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